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Visit Sri Lanka

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From the giant peak of Adam to the partially submerged bridge to the mainland, Sri Lanka, the Pearl Island of the Indian Ocean is the ideal travel destination for the thirsty traveller. From the tribes of Mahiyangana to the ancient Temples of Anuradhapura, the country boasts a rich culture of mixed tribes and settlers from the centuries prior. Nature parks and sanctuaries cater for diverse wildlife and provide great opportunities for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts; while the endless relaxing hikes through waterfalls and forests for the nature lovers, instil a true sense of being one with mother Earth.
The island with its rich history provides for educational and informative archaeological tourism for travellers with a thirst for history and culture. Quick access to the coast from anywhere on the island provides for a relaxing day at the beach to soak up the sun and enjoy some local cuisine. The locals are friendly and polite and you will always find someone who speaks English; one of the primary spoken languages on the island.

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Sri Lanka has a great balance of western recreation with an eastern flavour. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and visit with ample time. There is so much to explore within the Island, so try not to stay cooped up in the cooler travel lodges of the Hill Stations.
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