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Superfoods, What are They?

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So you must have heard the word either on a television show, on a talk show or just through someone who is into fitness and healthy living. Superfoods, what are they and how do you get your hands on them? Luckily, these foods which are considered super in nature are not that hard to find and are abundantly available in food stores and groceries. So to get going, what are superfoods? How can I go about getting an idea as to what a superfood is?


Well to answer that question is simple. Superfoods are foods that are mostly plant-based, with small components of fish and dairy. Keep reading word to word to stay informed, and you will be on your way to that hot bod you always dreamt of. 


Food that are considered nutritionally dense are generally the types of food that are considered super. There are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which are considered dense, however, Blueberries are on the top of the list when it comes to fruits. Hence if you are located in a country where you can easily get your hands on blueberries, there you go, this would be your go-to superfood, which will keep you nourished nutritionally throughout the day. 




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Apart from Blueberries, there are other fruits that are also considered by dieticians as superfoods, Strawberries and Cranberries are also a great alternative to Blueberries, and offer a great nutrient supplement. The phytochemicals known as flavonoids which are found in berries in general are considered great because they reduce the risk of heart conditions, especially in young women. 


Another great example of a superfood is Kale. Though Kale is probably named as the superfood within vegetables with the greatest hype, most dark and leafy greens offer as great alternatives. Mustards, Broccoli and Spinach are great alternatives and are loaded with vitamins A, C and K as well as fiber and calcium for strong teeth and bones. 


Sweet potatoes and squashes offer a great medium dish, when it comes to preparing your meals. They are an excellent source of vitamin A and fiber, which are important when it comes to healthy blood and intestines. Considering that they are naturally sweet vegetables, you don’t require the salt, butter or cream which is usually added to potatoes. 


Beans are a great source of antioxidants, thus is considered a superfood like non other. They contain insoluble fiber which lowers cholesterol. They also contain soluble fiber which provides the feeling of being full for a longer period of time. Containing manganese, this superfood is loaded with vitamins and trace minerals.

Nuts are a great addition to any diet. This superfood contains great and lump amount of healthy fats which are great to ensure optimum health when it comes to internal organ functionality. Though these are much loved additions to the superfoods list, the problem with the nuts is the high caloric content with a handful of nuts containing more than a 100 calories. 

Apart from the plant based food which have made the list, when it comes to fish, nothing is better for your health than Salmon. Sardines and Mackerel also provide as great alternatives for they all contain healthy amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which is what makes them the superfood. These fatty acids are known to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. 


When it comes to superfoods, as mentioned before, fruit make the top of the list. Exotic fruit such as Rambutan and Dragon fruit are known to be healthier, but are they actually. Though exotic fruit are considered as healthier options to other fruits, there is not scientific evidence to back this claim that they are any healthier than non-exotic fruit such a Blueberries. However, like all fruit, these exotic fruits should not be side stepped. Pomegranate for example has great anti-cancer properties, are delicious and nonetheless would be a superfood in its own right. 


So, there you go, if you read this article word to word, you would have a good idea as to what usually makes the list when it comes to superfoods. So I hope the next time you go grocery shopping, you grab a bunch of these superfoods and add them to your diet. Within days, you may begin to feel the optimised effects of superfoods.  


Happy Munching!

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