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The Importance of Fitness and is a Gym Necessary

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When you consider fitness, probably the first question that everyone considers is the question of, should I join a gym? So what is fitness and is it really important and if so, is a gym necessary?


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Firstly, how does one understand the importance of fitness? Fitness in general is considered the state of being fit and healthy. Hence, if health is an important aspect of your life, I am sure you seek to achieve, maintain and sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle. So what exactly does it mean to be fit? What is it that I must consider first prior to understanding as to whether I am fit or not? Fit loosely defines itself to be within a state of sound physical and mental health. Thus, it is a combination of both the mental and physical aspect of life, which brings about the idea of fitness. 


fitness, gym, workouts, home workouts, do I need a gym, home gym, working out, exercise, fitness, health

When you first consider the idea of fitness, you may land yourself upon the idea of someone who for instance is a marathon runner or a weight lifter. Though this becomes the stereotypical means to define fitness, the term fitness differs from person to person. For many people, fitness is simply about feeling good about yourself, good body image and a state of bliss in which you dwell within your body. Fitness means, a state of health with which you are comfortable; where your body performs at good physical levels. This means being able to do activities that you would like to do. Even something as simple as playing with your kids becomes the meaning of the term when considered within the grander picture. 

fitness, gym, workouts, home workouts, do I need a gym, home gym, working out, exercise, fitness, health

Fitness enthusiasts usually take this idea to a different level, often using parameters such as the body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentages to measure the progress of their fitness journey. However, fitness is not solely measured using one of these factors. With the increased number of supplements in the market, weight lifters, though the segment of the population which has probably the lowest body fat percentages have a greater chance of developing cardiovascular issues and blood pressure. It also goes without saying that almost anyone these days is susceptible to diseases like cancer and dementia. Hence, when it comes to overall fitness, there really isn’t one straightforward means to measure the actual state of your body. The only thing you can do is incorporate healthy practices which will keep your body healthy and well. Diet plays a significant role within the idea of fitness and it is important to ensure a well balanced, nutrient-rich meal plan, which can keep you nourished and sustained throughout the day.   


fitness, gym, workouts, home workouts, do I need a gym, home gym, working out, exercise, fitness, health
The notion which favours joining a gym is the one that states, if you look fit, then you probably are fit. However, this is always not the case. Many people who look fit suffer from various diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and even heart complications. The idea of a fit body is often driven by elements of low self-esteem, which often leads one to criticise the bodily flaws one may have. This may cause one to sacrifice proper sleep and rest in order to achieve their desired goals as fast as possible, often causing havoc on internal bodily functioning while producing a fit outer appearance.  


Being fit generally means that you would have a greater and heightened level of energy, which will help you maintain a better work-life balance. It will also mean that you are a better sleeper and get the proper rest that your body deserves. However, most of all, when it comes to fitness, the most important component which must be highlighted remains a strong immunity. A strong immune system makes you immune to diseases that are ever-present within the environment and could be the key to knowing whether you are fit or not. 


Exercise is a great way to stay fit, however, the level of physical activity depends from person to person. Physical activity increases productivity and is known to enable better focus. Pushing your body to the limits and seeing the rewards of your hard work is great for your level of confidence, which intern results in a bettered state of mental and emotional health.

fitness, gym, workouts, home workouts, do I need a gym, home gym, working out, exercise, fitness, health


Staying fit, aids in the long-term health of a person and are known to increase the quality and longevity of life. Improved fitness drastically reduces the chances of developing chronic illnesses and research suggest that being fit can help prevent dementia and other mental illnesses. It goes without saying, that if you can run a 5K, then you are fit enough to play with your kids. 


So, to answer the question, is a gym necessary to stay fit? There are tons of things you can do besides joining a gym and lifting weights. Strength training is only a component of the greater fitness picture and there is a whole lot more than you can do to stay fit. You can consider the host of aerobic exercises such as running and cycling or partake in a sports activity which is to your preference. Even small things such as walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator can have an impact on your overall fitness. Hence, though fitness is something that should not be sidestepped and is something of great importance to a healthy life, a gym is not at the same level of importance. 


fitness, gym, workouts, home workouts, do I need a gym, home gym, working out, exercise, fitness, health

Of course, it goes without saying, if no other option is open to you, you could consider joining a gym. Then again, even light stretching at home and daily home exercises could provide sufficient, to keep yourself fit, for the long run. When it comes to fitness, the most important thing you need to remember is consistency. So whatever it is that you start doing after reading this word to word, don’t stop it. Keep at it and stay fit for the long run!


Happy Living!


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