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Booze Runs from Around the World!

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Marathon running, something that most fitness experts and enthusiasts train and work hard towards. When you consider the idea of a marathon, or even training for a marathon, or even a 5km for that matter, the first thing that comes to mind is eating right, training and repetition. You will be nourished by a well-balanced nutrition plan, and booze is rarely on the cards. In fact, when you are training for a run, they often state that you stay away from the booze altogether. That being the case, there a number of events celebrated around the world which gives the runners a varied mode of encouragement along the run that you would be partaking in. 


That is right, you read the title to this word to word correctly, a booze run, an event in which where not only are your endorphins in full gear, but you get to taste some booze along the way. Further to this, the runners are encouraged to wear fancy dresses, which further adds to the party element of this very special booze run. 


If you enjoy a drink and are looking for a fitness challenge that allows you to indulge in a drink while you train and partake, then keep reading this word to word. You may be more of a drinker than a runner, but these six booze runs will make you want to pick up those running shoes and grab a glass along the way. 


Beer Lovers’ Marathon, Liege, Belgium


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Each May, this city of Belgium plays host to one of the most extravagant and sought after booze even for any beer drinker. Hundreds of people take to the streets to partake in the Beer Lovers’ Marathon. The length of the marathon is standard, however, the plus point with this specific marathon is the Belgian beers that you can sample at every 5 km along the way. Though drinking beer isn’t compulsory to partake in the run, few that do partake in the run actually pass them up. After all, as the title of the marathon states, this is an event for beer lovers. There is even live bands and DJs along the way, who create a party atmosphere


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Lanzarote Wine Run, Spain

Ever considered visiting Spain and wondered what the fuss was about. Well here in Spain, they cater to a special event in which, the runners not only grab their running shoes but also their wine glasses. Set in the spectacular sceneries of Spain, the Lanzarote Wine Run is held each year in June. The run is a half-marathon and takes courses amongst the unique landscape of the island and runs past the oldest winery in Canary Islands, El Grifo. There are ten refreshment stations along the way, and runners can enjoy a brilliant glass of wine at every station. If the heat and exhaustion of the run may be too much for you to stomach, there is also a 12km run or hike which can provide as an option instead. 


Bacchus Marathon and Half Marathon, Surrey, England

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Come taste some of the award-winning wines catered for by the Denbies, who has been catering for three decades. Better yet, don’t just taste the wine, but take part in the 26-mile route which races through the vineyards at the Denbies Wine Estate. The Bacchus Marathon and Half Marathon takes places in September and involves running either one lap or two laps of the course. Each lap has five tasting stations that offer Denbies wine, soft drinks and snacks for the runners. All the running may make you hungry, which is why the end of the day post-race hog roast is an ideal way to end the day of running and drinking. 



Marathon du Medoc, Bordeaux, France

An official event since 1985, it is the run that sets the standards for all other booze runs. Running through the beautiful landscape of Medoc, France, there is naturally some beautiful and quality wines to the taste along the way. Being France after all, not only will runners be tasting some of the best wines along the way, they will also be sampling some delicious produce including cheese, oysters and steak. The run has a compulsory fancy dress policy, however, this is a part of the grand celebration which is the Marathon de Medoc. The marathon usually takes place in September. 


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The Dramathon, Speyside, Scotland

Held annually in October, bask in the beautiful scenery of Scotland and take the run amidst the whisky distilleries while you enjoy the view of the countryside. There are four race lengths that the runners can choose from, ‘Full dram,’ ‘Half dram,’ ‘Wee dram,’ or ‘We dram.’ However, whatever it is the distance that you choose to partake in, a scenic and memorable run awaits you. Regardless of the course you take, they all reach the same finish line at the famed Glenfiddich Distillery where a toast to their achievement awaits or toasts. 


The Beer Run, Australia, UK & USA

Held in the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, the premise of the run is simple. Visit five breweries to drink the five pints along the way of a 5km run. In remembrance of Oktoberfest, which takes place in Germany in October, this run happens in October, the length of the run makes it an ideal event for not just the seasoned runner, but for novices too. After the success of the event in Australia, the run has now spread and is taking place in the UK and USA. 

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Well there you go, booze runs like those never heard of. Not just simply running to the grocery store for a six-pack or a bottle, these runs not only ignite the passion of travel within you but mixes some beautiful sights and drinks for a memorable and loved experience. So don’t hold back, after reading this word to word, make the plans and jump on a ship to run one or all of these booze runs. You know the booze makes it all worth it!


Happy Travels!

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