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Healthy Meals on a Budget

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Many people in the US often go about preparing their meals on a budget. So when it comes to budget, is it really possible to eat healthily and consider your health? Though eating healthy can often sound like an expensive endeavour, eating healthy can be done on a budget. We will be looking at some of the easiest ways to make meal plans when living on a food budget. These meals are not only cheap but are simple to prepare. 


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In this word to word, we will look at the breakdown of how a budget weekly meal plan looks like. The word to highlight here is cost-effective; yes these meal plans are cost-effective and perfect for people who are on a budget and are looking to eat healthier to maybe lose a few pounds. We will also look at some vegetarian and vegan options, the list of foods that are considered healthy yet at the same time inexpensive. The vegan diet is praised for how healthy it is and is probably one of the most sought after health diets in the world right now. More and more people are becoming vegan, however, there is a myth which this word to word will try to bust in the process. The vegan diet, though healthy, is not expensive. Though you can run up a bill on the vegan diet, it can also be done on a budget, and this word to word will highlight some of the food you can incorporate into your meal plans, which are cost-effective and affordable for someone on a budget. 



Health and the Budget

Due to high rates of unemployment, many people in the US now require food assistance and are thus managing their meals on a very strict budget. It is these people, who access food banks that are concerned about the health of the meals that they are intaking. They are worried about their health and are specifically worried about the risk of developing obesity. 
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As a result of income inequality in parts of the US, access to various healthy food is limited. When eating on a budget, it is very important to be mindful of the budget, hence budgeting skills play an integral role. What is necessary for most people who live on a budget meal plan is nutrition knowledge which often can be accessed through a dietician. That being the case, you don’t always need a dietician to tell you what to incorporate into your meal plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Further to this, when eating healthy on a budget, it is important to remember that the number of fruits and vegetables should be greater in comparison to meat. Meal plans should incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet, which is considered more economical when eating on a budget. 


Sample Weekly Meal Plan

Whether eating alone or as a group, this plan can be adapted based on numbers. 

For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan, the simple option to replace meat with either beans or vegetables is an option to follow. 



Breakfast: Oatmeal with low-fat milk or plant-based alternative.

Lunch: Lentil soup and bread

Dinner: Vegetable curry made with or without chicken served with a side of rice or noodles. 



Breakfast: Boiled eggs with toast

Lunch: You can use the leftover vegetable curry from the night before and make wraps with some fresh leafy vegetables added on top. 

Dinner: Served with sweet potato or squash, you can add turkey or beans as per preference and serve alongside a side of rice. 



Breakfast: Fruit pancakes

Lunch: Sandwich with leftover turkey or beans

Dinner: Make a frittata with eggs, vegetables and grated cheese.



Breakfast: Peanut butter smoothie or sandwich

Lunch: Baked potato with either vegetables and some fresh spinach or the added tuna. 

Dinner: Chickpea curry made with soaked chickpeas. 



Breakfast: Oatmeal with a side of fruits

Lunch: Use the leftover chickpeas from the night prior, mash them and enjoy with pita and added vegetables. 

Dinner: Pasta with a sauce made from canned or fresh tomatoes and garlic. When making pasta, it is always best to make extra to have for lunch the following day. 



Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with a side of fruits and toast

Lunch: Leftover pasta

Dinner: Mashed potatoes with chicken or beans and a side of fresh or frozen vegetables. 



Breakfast: Jam toasties with a side of fruit.

Lunch: Canned soup enjoyed with a side of vegetables and flatbread. 

Dinner: Chicken or vegetable casserole made with beans. 


Most Healthy and Affordable Food

When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, remember to buy in bulk. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and bread, and good old oats are great components to a meal plan. Topped with this, tomato sauce and canned tomatoes and chickpeas are great cost-effective additions to your list of ingredients. If you can, get your hands on some frozen vegetables and canned soups, this will add variety to your meal plans. If opted towards, you can add the tuna, chicken and turkey as the meats to the meal plan. 


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In conclusion

There is a whole lot that you can do on a budget, and eating healthy is an option if it is something you really want to invest in. After all, every penny counts and it matters what you spend your money on. Instead of adding junk into your body when eating on a budget, it is a better option to invest in learning the tricks and tips of a healthy diet. When it comes to meat, it isn’t an absolute necessity; chickpeas, lentils and beans offer a great alternative source of protein. This is why in many ways the vegan diet is more affordable for people trying to eat healthy on a budget. We hope this word to word had some insightful input into what you can do on a budget and gave you a good starting point into where you can go and what you can do when trying to eat healthy on a budget.


Happy Munching!


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