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Niagara Falls in Winter

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The wintertime is a pleasant time for many, who enjoy the comfort of a cosy fire and some hot chocolate. There are some who though the weather is freezing, still long to see the beauty which is within nature and the world around us. Well for those who do look to go sightseeing during these frozen times, here is an amazing treat for you. The Niagara Falls are known for the majestic sight they are. However, sometimes, the climate is cold enough in the US and Canada to turn these majestic falls into a wintery wonderland. 


Seeing that this majestic fall rests in the border of the US and Canada, the wintery cover of Niagara Falls is not an uncommon sight. Though the falls themselves are too powerful to actually freeze during the winter, the surrounding misty waters are frozen in a beautiful layer of glistening ice. 

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The water that goes over the falls tends to sometimes freeze. Below, where the water settles upon falling, you can see large sheets of ice, sometimes 40 feet deep. Ice bridges sometimes appear amidst the falls when the temperatures stay below zero for a long stretch of days, creating a glacier-like formation that is suspended in the sky.



Though not an uncommon sight, it is during the coldest of winters this majestic sight is observed in the most beautiful scenery of winter waters. There really aren’t words to describe the beauty and awe of the falls during this time of the year, there is truly something magical about it. This beautiful awe of nature is usually seen when the freezing temperatures as experienced over a long period of time. So the next time winter is around, you may want to take the word of this word to word for granted and go visit Niagara Falls during winter to capture some breathtaking pictures which will leave you in awe of the beauty within the wintery majestic falls of Niagara. 


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