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Do I Need a Fitness Diary?

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Do I really need a fitness diary? To ask this question, you must have considered putting yourself on a diet or are taking a venture towards a more fit mode of life. For many, going on a diet is not something that is simple and easy to do. We are so accustomed to eating the way we do and living the way we do, that when it comes to shedding a few pounds or shedding a whole lot of pounds, we often don’t know what exactly to do. A fitness diary is one of those things that can help you along your journey, and if it is the weight that you are looking to shed and the fat that you are seeking to burn, it may be a good idea to keep a log of everything.


A fitness diary helps you keep track of your whole journey as you shed those pounds. With this, you can track your weekly progress and see what you need to do differently to get better results. It will give you a grander picture of your habits and will help you highlight your week points. 


So what is a fitness diary and how do you start one? Well, there really isn’t a specially made diary just for fitness enthusiasts, you can make a fitness diary out of any old diary which you have lying around the office or home. If you don’t have a diary at hand, you can also use a writing book to log everything. To make it fancy, you can paste a few pictures for motivation and for those high tech lovers, you can even use a computer to log your progress. 


fitness, fitness diary, fitness journal, importance of fitness diary, why you need a fitness journal


This word to word will give you everything you need to know with regards to a fitness diary and how to go about maintaining one. 


First things first, when you go on a diet, the most important thing that you need to track is your consumption of food and water. Hence, the role of your fitness diary is to log down everything you eat on a daily basis. When you put yourself on a diet, there are certain foods you would not eat, and if you do eat this food during the course of your diet, you should still write them down in your diary and maybe mark them with another colour, so you know the days of the week in which you cheated a little. The first thing that your fitness diary will help you do is keep a track of your unhealthy eating habits. This way, if you fall off the boat, it will be easier for you to recover, for you will realise your unhealthy eating habits without unconsciously consuming unhealthy food for weeks on before finally waking up. 


fitness, fitness diary, fitness journal, importance of fitness diary, why you need a fitness journal


The fitness diary is also a great way to make meal plans for the week, that way you know exactly what you eating for the whole week. It really helps you not cheat, for you will be more inclined the follow your diet. These meal plans when done for the whole weak will help you manage your meals, even if on a budget. Another thing that your fitness diary should have is your weekly progress update report. This can be your weight and where possible, other things such as heart rate, body fat percentage and so on. If you are a diabetic, you can even measure your progress and ailment in your diary to see the positive effects of your new diet and lifestyle. Also to add, you should keep a track of the amount of water you drink every day, this will help you get a better idea as to whether you are consuming enough water to help with your progress. 

fitness, fitness diary, fitness journal, importance of fitness diary, why you need a fitness journal
Writing down your eating habits and your weekly progress will help you get an idea as to what meals work better for you. This will drastically increase the success of your diet, for you would be able to see the plain and simple fruits of your labour. 


So thus far, we have discussed two components of your fitness diary. The third and most important component of your fitness diary should be a log of all your daily exercises and activity. If you workout on a daily basis, you can write down the types of exercise you do, the number of repetitions and sets. If it is cardio that you do, you can keep a log of how many minutes you run or cycle and the time it takes for you to complete a certain distance. This will then enable you to get a better idea as to whether you are actually getting fitter by the week. If you are running your 5km at a shorter period of time, then progress is being made.

fitness, fitness diary, fitness journal, importance of fitness diary, why you need a fitness journal

There you go, those would be the three components to a fitness diary and not to mention a successful fitness journey. Not only would you be monitoring your healthy eating habits, but you would also be studying the progress of your journey and would get a good idea as to what exercise works best for you. On a week you run more than you play basketball, you may see a variance in the weight that you lost, which will give you the option to increase the number of sessions of basketball for the following week. 


A fitness diary is a great way to keep track of the progress you make. Not only will it help you not cheat on your diet, but it will also be a record for the day you reach your ideal weight; think of it as a piece of memorabilia, which you can hold on to after you reach your goal. Something that will help you stay in shape further and remind you not to slip into unhealthy eating habits again. There you go, if you are considering a weight loss programme or a new diet and are looking to lose a few pounds, then a fitness diary would end up being your best pal. Trust the words of this word to word and keep a track of your fitness journey. It will be a more rewarding and welcoming experience. 


Happy Exercising!

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