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Things to Remember When Travelling Greece

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From the spectacular beaches to the fantastic mountain scenes, Greece has much to by way of food and sights for the thirsty traveller in you. Don’t fall prey to the negative media drawn to Greece by their financial crises, travelling Greece could be a memorable and rewarding experience; something you will cherish for a long time. 


This word to word will give some great insight into some things to remember before and when travelling to Greece. Hence, if you are planning to take a trip to Greece or are dreaming of getting away, keep reading. 


When travelling foreign lands, it is always good if you can speak a little of the local language. This comes in handy, and this is tip number one on the list of things you should remember before travelling to Greece. The locals usually do not expect foreigners to speak any Greek, hence English is widely spoken in the nation. However, it for certain puts a smile on their faces when you do speak a little of the local language. Hence first and foremost, pick up some Greek, it will go a long way in heightening your experience during your time there. 

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Greeks are known for their loud nature, hence if you are travelling with kids, you may want to put to rest whether to take the kids or not. The Greek love children and you can often see children running around in restaurants, and they really don’t mind this. On the contrary, you would see yourself chatting up some of the locals, where your kids would be the natural ice-breaker to the conversation.


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That being the case, though Greece is a child-friendly country to visit, when in the capital of Athens, you may want to consider keeping an eye on your valuables. Not that the city is unsafe, but due to the immigration and financial crisis in Greece, when travelling Greece, especially Athens, it is good to be mindful of your belongings. That being the case, I do not recommend that you skip out on Athens; there are some rich sights in the capital which are not to be missed.



When in Greece, a handy tip is to carry a map for yourself or use GPS. This is because when it comes to directions, it is highly likely that the locals would be of very little help when you are trying to get from A to B. Though this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it is advisable that you carry some means to find directions when lost. That being the case, getting lost and finding your way has a certain charm to it. 


Another thing to remember when travelling in Greece is what to wear and where to wear it. For instance, if you are visiting churches, it is better to not wear short skirts and shorts. Rather dress appropriately for the location. Though Greece has a new generation of open-minded youth, the older segment of the population tends to be conservative and religious, hence be sensitive to the culture, and remember this when travelling Greece. 


The Greek have a tendency to not care about time, hence punctuality isn’t something that is greatly valued in Greece. So when it comes to transport, be known that the train or bus may not arrive exactly on time; expect short delays for it is in the nature of Greece as such. They consider the idea of not caring about time to be healthy. This is because they prefer not doing anything in a hurry, rather in a manner in which it is done right. 


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If you haven’t already added this to the list of things to do when travelling Greece, add it now; go island hopping. There are plenty of ferries and service is good especially in the warmer months. You will find many honeymoon services and tourist services that will provide you with affordable packages to visit these islands, based on your budget. So don’t think it will be too expensive for you, find your budget and find the island tour which suits you. 



When it comes to food, there will be plenty to eat and experience when travelling in Greece. When there, remember to eat and dine like the locals do. The restaurants where the locals eat are usually better; the food and drink at these places would treat you well. When there, ask for the local wines, which come in barrels, hence are cheaper than the bottled ones. You can also try some of the local spirits like ouzo or tsipouro. Another tip to remember when travelling in Greece, don’t fret about the local water supply. The water supply is usually good, the locals drink it and so can you. 


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Though island hoping is probably where most of your hearts had stopped, you should definitely and for certain remember to tour the mainland. There are some spectacular historical sights to visit and some great beaches to bask in. When travelling between towns, choose the local bus services. However, if time is a factor for you and your budget works with you, you can always hire a vehicle with a local driver. 



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Now, this is the most important thing for you if you are considering travelling to Greece but are pressed on whether you would be able to afford it. Greece is expensive during peak season, however is a lot more affordable off-peak season. The peak season is from late July to the end of August. So avoid these months and you would be fine. May through June and even October is a great time to bask in the gorgeous scenery of the country.



Lastly, remember that Greece is going through a financial crisis. So, stay away from resort packages as much as possible. Though these packages can be very cheap and good for the budget traveller, when travelling to Greece, you may want to make it a point to help the local people out as much as possible. The trouble with these package deals is that only a little money actually goes to Greece, most of it goes elsewhere to other investing countries. Hence, opt for independent accommodation if possible and dine with the locals as much as you can. 


So there you go, if you’ve read this word to word, you would have a good idea as to what to expect before travelling to Greece. Not only would you have a great time, but you will make some local friends and learn more about the local language along the way. If you haven’t already booked your trip to Greece, this would be a good time to do some research and get started on planning your trip. Remember, if you are on a budget, stay off the peak season. 


Happy Travels!

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