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Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Bali

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Bali is certainly a destination that is popular among tourists. It is probably the most visited place in the whole of Indonesia. The tropical air will give you a much-deserved break, while the sights and smells leave you on a relaxing high. However, first when you arrive, amidst the busy sidewalks of Bali, and the rushing sounds of the mopeds, you would be engulfed by the sights and sounds of Indonesian culture. Though the chaos of the main tourist areas is to be expected, as previously mentioned there are some real tourist attractions in Bali. The islands boast a serene natural habitat, with attractions for almost every type of traveller. From windsurfing, to hiking to cycling or surfing, there is plenty to do.


If you have already visited Bali, you would have noticed that there is a rich arts scene with great showcases and galleries by local artists. There is plenty to see, and if it is the relaxation that you are after, there are some great spas which you can visit which offer treatments at affordable rates. Another thing that you can do during your visit to Bali is shopping. There is so much to buy in Bali hence shopping should be on your priority list when visiting the island.


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There are some great temples you can visit, which are absolute sights to see. The Pura Tanah Lot for instance is nestled in the bedrock of a seaside, a spectacular sight with waves crashing onto the shore of the rocky temple. This is one of the most sacred temples for the Balinese people. You can catch the sun setting behind the temple on any given day, so don’t forget to take your cameras with you. There is also the Uluwatu Temple which rests on the sea cliffs Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a well-known surf spot in Bali.


Bali is host to some beautiful mountain sceneries. You can visit and trek the 1700 meter Mount Batur to catch the sunrise amidst the morning mist. Mount Batur is a sacred active volcano, and this trek to the top of the mountain is surely a must-visit tourist attraction in Bali. 



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The Monkey Forest is a great attraction, especially if you are travelling with children. Located in the town centre of Ubud, the forest is a sacred sanctuary for the monkeys that dwell within. The forest is a reminder of the harmonious living and models of coexistence between humans and animals. There are also a host of conserved rare plants found within this forest. Ubud is also the centre for Bali art and culture. There are several museums and galleries which celebrate the evolution of art in the culture. The art galleries in Ubud are spectacular, so be sure to catch some of the work of local artists on a slow evening. If you are shopping for art, you do not want to miss out on the Ubud Art Market, which has paintings, sarongs, jewellery, sculpture, carvings and so much more. When shopping in these markets, remember bargaining is common and is an essential rule. 


From the rice terraces to the picturesque temples, Bali surely has a lot to offer the traveller. Whether it is sitting on the beach, relaxing with a fresh coconut or some luxurious shopping amongst some of the most flamboyant designers in Bali, Bali surely has much to offer by way of attractions to the thirsty traveller. You may even want to go island hopping in the Nusa islands where you can go snorkelling amongst the marine life, or diving. If it is surfing you prefer, the Nusa islands cater to surfers too. 



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Bali is truly a travel destination for surfers. There are some incredible beaches in Bali, where you can catch a wave in the coolest of waters as the sun glares down on you on a sunny day. 



From the mountains and valleys to the Sekumpul waterfall in the Singaraja region, Bali surely has some spectacular natural sights, which will leave you in awe. This waterfall is actually a series of seven waterfalls, which run through the jungle cliffs of Bali. 


Lastly, especially if you are travelling with children, make sure to check out Waterbom Bali, which is an awesome water park in the middle of Kuta. There are tons to do for every member of the family. From twisty water slides to the Lazy River, there is much by way of attractions to the thirsty traveller on a hot and sunny day. The park is a great way to beat the tropical heat of Bali.


Well there you go, if you read this word to word, you now know of some of the must-visit tourist attractions in Bali. Whether it is travelling alone or as a family, I am sure there will be plenty that you could do. From visiting temples to shopping, or simply sitting at the beach, there is something for everyone of every age. As a word of advice though, when you are packing for Bali, remember to pack plenty of sunscreen. 


Happy Travels!

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