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When is the Best Time to Visit Amsterdam?

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The land of coffee shops and windmills, the Netherlands is a popular tourist destination amongst many thirsty travellers. When considering Amsterdam as a city on its own, with the sights and attractions that the city has to offer, when is the best time to visit Amsterdam? Due to the mild climate which the Netherlands has, there really isn’t a bad time to visit Amsterdam. That being the case, your visit to Amsterdam will rest on your budget and whether you are looking to travel during peak season or during off-peak months. 


Like many places around the world, the off-peak season brings with it many perks. Numero uno is the lowered rates of hotels and restaurants in the city. You would find yourself be able to afford a lot more of what the city has to offer. If it is a budget that you are travelling on, we do recommend that you consider the off-peak months for your travel to Amsterdam. Secondly, you would also find the city less crowded with tourists, which makes it ideal. You will be able to get a glimpse of the real Amsterdam and would have more of a chance to interact with the locals in the city. That being the case, if it is a particular attraction that you are after, then obvious to state you would have to travel along those months. For instance, the Tulip fields near Amsterdam come to life with vibrant colours and beauty in the months of April and May. So, if this is a must catch attraction for you, then your choice is limited to these months. 

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Peak and Off-Peak Season

So when is peak season in Amsterdam? The peak season in Amsterdam runs from mid-April to mid-October. As you can tell, the blossom of the tulips is within the peak season of travel. That being the case, the tourist season for Amsterdam is usually July and August, the time of the year with the most favourable climate. The weather is the finest this time of the year, however, if you don’t mind the colder weather, then off-peak season, which runs from mid-October to mid-April is a great time to see the city too.


You can expect mild weathers during summer in Amsterdam, with mild temperatures making a pleasant time to visit the city. This time is often stated as the best of the year to soak up the sun, sitting at a café in Amsterdam, dining in the evening or even hitting the topless beach at Zandvoort. The summer runs through a few weeks till September, before fall bestows itself on the city of Amsterdam. The fall is too a pleasant time of the year and makes for some scenic city landscapes.



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When you are considering the best time to visit Amsterdam, there really isn’t a bad time to visit the city. There are year-round attractions that the city highlights which are a great treat to the wandering traveller. The Tulip season is definitely the high season for the city, and if it is the blossom of the Tulips you seek to witness, then it is early April to mid-May you should be planning your trip. The Tulips are an actual awe of nature, and it truly causes for some beautiful memories of your visit to the Netherlands. School is off in the Netherlands from July to August, which coincide with most of Europe. This makes this time of the year heavily packed with tourists. There are barely any hotel rooms to be found and discounts and promotions on your stay are simply unheard of during these times of the year. That being the case, it is the only time of the year where you can wander amidst the Tulip fields or relax under the sun at a café in the city. Absolutely nobody wants to sit outside at a café when it is freezing cold outside. With hotel rooms hard to find, if you are hoping to travel during peak season, we recommend you book your accommodation well in advance. Cycling is also a great thing to experience in the Dutch land, and the most ideal time to experience this is the summer. 


In contrast to everything you can experience during the peak months of the summer, the winter room rates are usually cheaper, which is perfect if you are travelling on a budget. You can expect less of a crowd in restaurants and cafes, which provide for a more wholesome experience of the local people. You would be able to get into art galleries without the enormous crowds and truly appreciate the Van Gogh on display without having to be rushed through by tourists. Further to this, as an added bonus, you may get a chance to go skating in the canals. Winter with the leaves of trees shed makes for some breathtaking pictures. The lights which light up the city, especially in canalside make for many memorable strolls within the city. 
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A Dutch parade, now isn’t that something you could add to your list when making your travel plan? If you manage to catch a special observance or a bank holiday in Amsterdam, then there is a good chance of catching a city parade. Koninginnedag, formerly known as Queen’s Day, is now referred to as King’s Day. It is the celebration of the monarch’s birthday which marks the day of birth of King Willem-Alexander on the 27th of April. On the day of the celebration, almost every person is found in an orange outfit. All day of partying usually accompanies street food vendors who offer delicious treats. It is an ideal place to sample local cuisine like tompouce, a form of sweet pastry. The party begins the night before, which is called King’s Night (Koningsnacht) where clubs, bars and pubs are swarming with people. The crowds in this carnival fiesta run between 600,000 to a million people, all of who descend into the city for the occasion. On the day, the city is transformed into one huge street market, where you can buy all sorts of things. It is a great day to find some old treasure so as to speak and marks a day which could amount to the best time to visit Amsterdam. There are even boat parties in the canal, with thousands of brightly decorated boats. Every location in the city turns into a party, and the celebration is one big old city-wide party. Apart from this, Christmas and Easter are also widely celebrated in the city, and not to mention good old New Years. Hence, if it is a plan you are making to visit the city, then picking one of these holidays would make it the best time to visit Amsterdam. 



The Weather

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Summer usually has temperatures of around 24 degrees Celsius, which makes for some pleasant overall climate during this time of the year. The temperatures rarely rise above this, which makes for a pleasant stay weather-wise. It is also a great time to soak up the rays in cafes and beaches. Mean precipitation is high in the Netherlands, hence rain is a common thing and should be expected. The average rainfall throughout the year is around 25 inches. Most of the rain falls from November to January, hence if you travelling during the off-peak season, you should be prepared for the weather. There are however plenty of shinny but cold days in the winter, which too is ideal if you don’t mind the chill in the air. If the temperatures fall low enough in winter, the rivers, lakes and canals of the city turn into skate parks, which can be an attraction for you, especially if you are travelling from the tropics. Average winter temperature runs at and around 6 degrees Celsius. That being the case, even if you travel in the summer, it is good to carry a sweater with you, just in case. Be prepared for rain, and carry an umbrella with you. 


Things to Do

The city has attractions for anyone of any age. From the amazing cultural festivals which runs year-round to the dance music and music festivals. If you are planning a trip, chances are you will catch a festival during your visit, so make sure to attend. There are some amazing culinary festivals where you can taste the many cultures of Amsterdam. If you are travelling with children, then there are some great noteworthy children’s festivals which take place year-round. 

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Whether it is cycling around in the city, finding a topless beach, sitting at a café, attending an art exhibition or visiting a museum. The city has so much to offer to the thirsty traveller. So check your budget now, find the best time to travel and visit this great city. It will be an experience of a lifetime; and try to catch some of the festivals and celebrations, they will make your visit even more worthwhile.


We appreciate you reading this word to word and hope that you can now go about figuring out the best time to visit Amsterdam for you. 


Happy Travels!

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