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Does Water Help With Weight Loss? Why Water Is So Important For Weight Loss

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Yes, water helps with weight loss. There are no calories in water and it can help you suppress your appetite; which can be great when you are trying to lose weight. Increasing the water intake increases lipolysis, the process through which the body burns fats for energy. 

Studies have shown that drinking two cups (16 oz) of water right before a meal helps you eat less during the meal, thereby enabling you to lose weight. Drinking water before all three meals of the day also ensures that your body gets a good amount of water each day to keep you hydrated; burning more fat. 

This is a great strategy that works for many people, for it allows you the enhance the feeling of being full while ensuring that you consume fewer calories throughout the day. The calorie deficit brought about due to smaller meals will help you reduce your weight by burning more fat for energy.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is a common thing to consume more water and that is a good thing. There are many studies that have linked drinking water to weight loss.

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Burn More Calories

When you consume water, the resting energy expenditure, which is the amount of energy your body generates while you rest, increases. It has been noted that your body spends 30% more energy in the first 10 minutes of drinking water. This burning of calories to make energy usually lasts for as long as an hour. This is when you consume about 2 cups of water; 16 oz. 
The resting energy expenditure is found to be higher in people who consumed cold water. Even if you don’t make any lifestyle changes, be it nutrition or exercise and just consume an extra litre of water every day, studies have found that you can lose up to 2 kg. On average, you will burn about 23 calories by just drinking 2 cups of water. This sums up very well when you consider the amount of water drunk throughout the course of a whole year. 
The more water you drink, the more calories you burn. Studies have pointed increased water drinking to reduced weight, body mass index (BMI), waist circumference and body fat. 
The number of calories you burn per cup of water is even higher when you drink cold water. This is because more energy is needed by your body to maintain your body temperature. The warming of your body thus enables the burning of more calories. 
Drinking water increases the number of calories burned for at least a duration of 60 minutes. Hence when it comes to burning calories, the more water your drink, the more calories you will burn. 

Appetite Control

When it comes to controlling how much you eat during mealtime, there must be various things that you must have tried. In your search, you may have already stumbled on the fact that water helps you control your appetite, ensuring that you eat less during mealtime. 
This is especially true for people in their middle ages or older adults. Drinking water right before a meal increases the feeling of fullness. Think about it, you are so stuffed with water, that when you do sit down to eat, you are barely able to finish your first serving. For those people who often eat more than one serving per meal, this is a good way to suppress your appetite, thereby ensuring that you consume fewer calories. 
In a time span of 12 weeks, you could see yourself losing 2 kg if you simply drink two cups of water before each meal. The chances of losing weight with people who drink water before a meal compared to those that don’t are much higher. 
You drink water that has no calories, your stomach is full from the water you just drank and when you do sit to eat, you end up consuming fewer calories; it is that simple. 
Though this is true for middle-aged and older people, this technique is seen to be less effective with younger people. However, if you are motivated to lose weight and want to use this technique to ensure that you eat smaller portions, then there is no harm in giving it a try. 
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Lower Risk of Weight Gain

Since there are no calories in water, it is naturally linked to reduced calorie intake. This is because if you consider the number of times per day you consume some form of beverage, simply replacing this beverage with water will help you consume fewer calories. 
Hence when it comes to beverages with a high calorie and sugar content, simply replacing them with water will lower the risk you have of actually gaining weight. The more water you drink and more frequently you drink water on a daily basis, the less likely you are to consume other beverages.
You will notice that you consume far fewer calories when you make a habit of drinking water. 
When it comes to long term weight gain, drinking water can prevent this by ensuring that you consume fewer calories and stay away from high glycemic index (GI) beverages such as soda. 
Encouraging children to drink more water can be rather important, for it ensures that the child does not develop obesity due to overconsumption of other beverages. Studies have shown that children who consume a good amount of water are less likely to gain unhealthy weight. 

Waste (Waist) Removal 

Have you noticed that after a meal, your waist size is sometimes greater? Or you may also have noticed how when you are bloated, your pants don’t fit you any longer. This is another reason why water is so important.
When your body is dehydrated, the efficiency with which your body removes urine and faeces are reduced. You may notice that you are constipated. This could be a resultant cause of dehydration and insufficient water consumption. Water also ensures that your kidneys function properly and filter all the toxins and waste from your body. The efficiency of essential nutrients retention in the kidneys is greatly increased by ensuring that you are properly hydrated. 
Coupled with resolving constipation, water is an integral component to ensure that your body is retaining all the necessary nutrients. Constipation can lead to the improper digestion of food in your stomach, resulting in nutrient loss and further build-up of fat. The less efficient your digestive system is, the more likely you are to gain more weight. 
When waste builds up in your digestive system, you feel bloated and as mentioned prior, when you feel bloated, you add a few inches to your waistline. 
Waste retention can cause weight gain, which is why water and proper hydration is important to ensure that your body’s waste management system is working at optimum levels. This will ensure that you don’t gain any unnecessary unhealthy weight. 
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Burn More Fat

When it comes to burning fat, water is essential. Without sufficient water, your body simply will not burn the fat as efficiently as it would otherwise. When it comes to lipolysis, the process by which fat is burned to produce energy; your body carries out lipolysis at a more efficient rate when there is sufficiently accessible water.
Water is an absolute necessity in the process of lipolysis. The first stage of lipolysis is hydrolysis which is where the water molecule combines with the triglycerides (fats) to make glycerol and fatty acids. Hence without water, the fat burning process doesn’t even start.  
The less water you drink and the more fat you consume, the higher the chances of fat being stored in your body as opposed to it being burned by your body. Not just that, the less water you drink, the less chance you have of actually burning the already stored up fat in your body. 
Studies have identified the increased water intake to the increased efficiency of lipolysis. Hence if you are trying to burn fat and lose weight, drinking sufficient water is integral!



Helps With Exercise

When you consider weight loss, exercise is a necessary component in the equation; be it yoga, cardio or weight lifting. Regardless of what exercise you partake in, it is a good idea to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of water. 
This is because water helps muscles and joints move properly. It also ensures that your internal organs, such as your heart and lungs as working at efficient levels. This is important during exercise. The more efficiently your internal organs work, the more effective your workout will be. 
Proper hydration during exercise ensures that you don’t fall prey to fatigue and that your muscles are functioning efficiently, thereby preventing muscle cramps. 
In order to avoid dehydration, it is important to drink water, before, during and after exercise. 
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Reasons Why Water Is So Important for Weight Loss

When you start off on a weight loss journey, you start by ensuring that you drink sufficient water. However, over time, you may see that your water intake is decreasing and so is your motivation to lose weight. This is because when you are dehydrated, your body starts to experience fatigue and confusion. You may find yourself less alert and more stressed.
Yes, dehydration has been linked to the increased production of cortisol in your body; cortisol is known as the stress hormone. The increased levels of stress and the added confusion and fatigue that accompanies dehydration can easily lower your motivation to exercise. You will find that you are less focused on your goal of losing weight. 
To ensure that you stay on track and not shift lanes, make sure to consume a good amount of water every day. This will not only keep you relaxed but will also ensure that you stay motivated and focused on your goal to lose weight. 
As mentioned, water will ensure that you are consuming fewer calories and burning more fat. Further to this, there are some noteworthy health benefits of drinking water, which have a correlation to your goal of losing weight.
For instance, water is great for your skin. It is considered instrumental in ensuring the proper health of your skin. Proper hydration prevents your skin from dryness and irritation, ensuring a healthy glow and complexion. It works well in moisturising your skin; as effective as a topical moisturiser. It can lower the chances of developing early wrinkles and prevent premature ageing of your skin. Now, why is this important when you consider weight loss? The health of your skin is important to your overall goal, for it ensures that you feel good about yourself. The better you look, the more confidence you will have, which will ensure that you stay more motivated and grounded on your goal of losing weight and looking good. 
Water also works really well to ensure that your brain is functioning effectively. Dehydration can impair attention, cognitive function and physical movement. Again, brian function is important in your weight loss journey to ensure that you stay motivated and pay attention to your eating habits. The more dehydrated you get, the less focused you would be. Hence by ensuring that you consume sufficient water, you ensure that your brain works at optimum levels, which enables you to stay focused on your goals.
Water can also help regulate your blood pressure. Now, why is blood pressure important to weight loss you may ask. Your blood pressure is directly correlated to the amount of exercise that your body can perform. The higher your blood pressure, the more stress there will be on your heart. This can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Thus when you do exercise on your weight loss journey, sufficient water intake will work to ensure that your blood pressure is well regulated, thereby lowering the risks involved with strenuous exercise. 
It is also worth noting that water ensures that your body temperature is well regulated during exercise. During exercise, your body starts to heat up and it is important that you have sufficient water to effectively cool your body. The less water you drink, the less tolerant your body will be towards exercise. To ensure that you carry forth an exercise routine that will help you lose weight, ensure that your body temperature is well regulated by drinking enough water. The muscles in your body will only perform at their best when there is a good supply of water, hence ensure that you are well hydrated during exercise.
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How Much Water Should I Drink?

This depends on various factors such as age, body size, environment and activity level. The National Academy of Medicine in the United States recommends 2,700 ml/day for an adult woman and 3,700 ml/day for an adult man. Some would require less water, while others require more water based on the factors mentioned. 
People who exercise more would have to drink more water in comparison to people who are not as active. When you sweat more, the chances of dehydration is greater, which is why it is recommended that you drink more water. This is also true for people who live in a warmer climate. 
For women who are breast-feeding, it is important that you ensure that you stay well hydrated throughout the day by consuming sufficient water. This is also true for older people who should keep a close eye on their water intake to ensure overall health and wellbeing. 
Though when you consider water, you are inclined to think of only drinking water, you do get water from many food and beverages such as coffee, meat, fruits and vegetables. 
It is important that you drink water every time you feel thirsty. Drinking enough water to quench the thirst will ensure that your body is getting the amount of water it requires. 
Dehydration can lead to symptoms including hunger, mood swings, headaches and lack of concentration. If you notice any of these signs, then drinking more water could resolve the issue. 
However, it is important to note that drinking too much water is also not recommended. Drinking too much water can cause water toxicity which can be fatal in extreme circumstances. 
water, water weight loss, benefits of water, benefits of water in weight loss, does water help with weight loss, losing weight with water, water and health, water and fitness



Will Water Help Me Lose Weight?

After reading this article word to word, you should be convinced that drinking sufficient water can help you in your weight loss journey. That being the case, it isn’t simply recommended that you drink a lot of water and sit back and expect results. Exercise and proper nutrition are also very important factors in weight loss. 
Though people would love to simply drink water and watch their fat burn away, this simply isn’t a practical truth. Water is simply a part of the equation in weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, water is an absolutely crucial part of the weight-loss equation, however, it is not the only thing you have to consider. 
With all the benefits that water has to offer us, all we have to do is reap the rewards of proper hydration, while working on losing weight. Stay focused and well hydrated and in due time, you will notice results. 
A good starting point in losing weight is maintaining a fitness diary to log your eating and drinking habits. To better understand how a fitness diary can help you in your weight loss journey, we recommend you read this word to word. Do I Need a Fitness Diary?
Happy Living!

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