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15 Best Affordable Romantic Gateways in the US For Couples

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For whatever may be the reason, you’ve been looking for that great romantic gateway for you and your partner. Maybe it’s time to reconnect, or maybe you just want some time with just the two of you, or maybe it’s time the kids had the house all to themselves. All you have is a few days at hand, and you don’t want it going to waste. That’s why you’re here right, looking for the best romantic gateway. Maybe you originally searched for the best romantic gateway in the US and soon realised that you would probably have to break the bank if you go on any of those gateways. Either ways, regardless of why you are here, the point is you are here, and we love you as a reader.


We are here to provide you with a list of the 15 best romantic gateways in the US that are also the most affordable. I’m sure you already gathered that from the title that led you this way to begin with. However, we thought it was necessary to iterate that this is a list of the best affordable romantic gateways in the US for couples, one that not only takes into consideration your finances but also how good of a time you would be having.


It’s important to us that you find the right gateway for you and your partner, to reconnect emotionally and take a break from everything that has been going around lately. Trust me, we know that you deserve this. We are here to do everything we can to help you make an informed decision about where you want to go. Our list includes approximate prices for the gateway, so you have a rough idea of what you can expect from each and every destination. 


You don’t need to fly to France, Italy or even the Maldives to have a good time with your partner. You can do that right in your own home country, the United States of America; aren’t we great?  Whether you are looking to hit one city or on a road trip planning on skipping from one destination to another, you are sure to have a good time, so long as you consider the finely picked destinations on this list. 


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Best Affordable Romantic Gateways in the US for Couples


When it comes to a romantic gateway, you want to get the most out of the experience. You don’t want your hard-earned money going to waste, finding yourself in a crappy bed and breakfast serving burnt toast. You want reliable information, and you want trustworthy recommendations with regards to deciding your romantic gateway. After all, this gateway could be the break that you both had been longing for for a while now. This break would be your one chance to not wipe snot, feed the baby, scold your teenager, put on pants, tie shoelaces, you get the gist. 
Hence without further adieu, here is our list of the best affordable romantic gateways for couples in the US. 
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1) Hawaii

At the top of the list, is the exotic and iconic islands of Hawaii. Oahu in Hawaii gets a lot of praise as the number one pick for many honeymooners from around the world. Hence, we decided to include Hawaii, specifically Oahu at the top of the list. This is probably the most romantic destination we could think of when you consider the whole of the United States of America. 


You have the chance to spend some quality time with your loved one, in a romantic setting well suited for beach enthusiasts. You would be staying at a nice resort, not a crummy bed and breakfast and enjoying the culinary expertise that the resort has to offer; not burnt toast. You can awe at the beauty of nature on a beautiful sunset cruise or even plan yourself a romantic dinner right on the beach. 


When you consider activities that you can do, there is a great selection of water sports that you can partake in. If you both prefer more adventurous things, you could go snorkelling amongst fish and coral life, or better yet, try scuba diving. There is an excellent selection of art and culture in Hawaii, hence you are sure to catch a show or two during your stay there.


Hotels in Hawaii go at around $330, however, you can find better deals depending on where you want to stay. Again, we don’t recommend burnt toast, hence don’t be too stingy now. Hence a couple’s gateway in Hawaii lasting a week will cost you around $3,765. Though this sounds like a huge figure, it really isn’t, considering everything you get to experience on this trip. The costs are well worth the experience for any couple. You are sure to come back feeling rejuvenated, with an emotional bond tighter than Bruce Lee’s abs. 


You can find better deals and save a little bit more if you look to visit before Memorial Day and after Labour Day in Oahu. 


2) Charleston, South Carolina

Considered a romantic hub in the US, Charleston offers some great perks of visiting. There are some amazing beaches, which is always great if you are looking to walk into the sunset, or even plan a secret romantic dinner for your partner. Catering with a sense of warm hospitality, there are plenty of free activities that you can partake in, which is why this specific pick is so affordable. 
There are some beautiful cobblestone streets and awe-inspiring historical sights, which is great since all of that is mostly free. You will have the chance to witness some spectacular natural views, coupled with a rich and thriving local culture, which will not leave you disappointed. There is plenty of fun and exciting activities for you to partake. You could go for a romantic walk on the beach, or simply enjoy the sunset from one of the many rooftop bars. If you prefer exploring history, you could embark on a journey on the Historic harbour cruise which leads you through more than 75 landmarks in the city. 
Depending on where you are staying, you could both get a relaxing couples massage and come out relaxed and restored and not to mention reconnected. Hotels in Charleston go at around $169 a night, which means on a budget of around $2,400, you could spend an amazing week in this romantic city in South Carolina. 
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3) New Orleans, Louisiana

Located by the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a mix of various cultures; French, Native American, African and Spanish. If you are after multicultural history, then New Orleans should be the right pick for you. The city caters for an unparalleled cultural experience, with some gorgeous city views.
The list of romantic things that you can do in New Orleans is simply endless. To start off, you could take a romantic moonlit cruise down the Mississippi River. With a beautiful view of the city as it passes by, the couple will bask in the beauty of the night, charmed by the warm embrace of each other. The nightlife in New Orleans is vibrant and there are many cabarets and burlesque shows that you can catch during your visit. 
If you are looking for an affordable romantic activity during your visit to New Orleans, a slow walk down Jackson Square under the street lights can be a romantic break for both you and your sweetheart. Not to mention the amazing selections of drinks and cocktails in the city, making it ideal for those who are looking to unwind and break loose.
Hotel rooms in New Orleans go at around $150 a night, which means, if a couple spends a week in New Orleans, you could look to be spending around, $1,800. This is a rather affordable gateway when you consider everything this city has to offer. 

4) Nashville, Tennessee

The city was once known as a ‘Music City’ the title holds true to the day. If you both love music, then Nashville could be something truly special for the two of you.  It is considered one of the top honeymoon spots in the US. The city is jammed packed with things to do and comes alive with full energy, coupled with a southern charm. This colourful city has some amazing art exhibits and live music venues which is perfect for music and art lovers. Not just that, but the culinary scene is exploding, providing you with a great chance to experience a mix of cuisines only the city has to offer. 
There is a lot of history within this city and you are sure to find historical day tours of plantation homes if that is what the two of you are after. Otherwise, you could do something grand and reserve seats in the General Jackson Showboat, where you can spend a relaxing and peaceful time, cruising through some great views of the romantic waterside of downtown Nashville. You can even enjoy a special date night with your loved one. 
The music scene in the city is vibrant, with some amazing Music Clubs catering for people from around the country. You could even visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, experiencing the amazing story of country music in the region. As mentioned prior, if you both love music, then this could be one gateway that you don’t want to miss. 
Some of the nicer hotels in Nashville go at around $200 a night. This means that on a budget of around $2,500, the two of you could spend an amazing week in this vibrant city of Tennessee.
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5) Santa Barbara, California

Considered one of the most favourite romantic gateways in the US, this Southern California town is a lover’s paradise. The town will leave you relaxed with time found and spent to unwind. You will find the time and means to reconnect emotionally and spend some quality time with each other. 
There is a great deal of European influence on the architecture of the city, which makes taking a stroll down streets feel as if you are visiting Spain or Italy. You can explore some fabulous wineries, go on a couple’s hike in the nearby hills or simply enjoy a fine meal at one of the many great restaurants the city has to offer. 
It is a great destination to pick if you after something as exhilarating as whale watching. You can have the chance to witness beautiful blue whales and humpback whales from the end of spring to early fall. Wine tasting is another favourite in the city, couples can expect a romantic excursion down wineries and enjoy horseback riding in the vineyards. 
If you love early architecture, then Santa Barbara has a few treats in line for you. The Old Mission Santa Barbara offers some iconic views of Spanish Colonial architecture, which is adored by many city visitors. 
On average, a romantic hotel in Santa Barbara costs around $215 a night. This means that a couple could leave their worries behind and visit this city for a week’s getaway for around $2,700. 

6) Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

If you both are nature seekers, then this is the destination for you. If you are after some beautiful mountain sceneries and some amazing hiking opportunities, the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado will not disappoint. You can enjoy beautiful hikes through the mountains, or go rafting. Fishing is another great activity if you both enjoy it. Now, now, don’t go fishing alone and leave her behind. In the winter, the park turns into a ski lodge, making it a great destination for skiing, snowboarding and sledging. 
There are many cheap hotels that you can stay in, and usually, they don’t serve burnt toast, however, you should find a reliable hotel to stay at. The burnt toast is worth it when you consider the beautiful full moon walks you could take, walking under the stars with your loved ones. Full moon, half-moon, what’s the difference eh? You know it’s super romantic. 
However, if you do plan to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, you should aim for February and catch the Wine and Chocolate Festival at Estes park, which could be a treat for both of you. Tickets to the event do sell out quite early in November, hence plan ahead of time. You would enjoy a fine glass of wine, nestled in the bosom of Mother Earth and even catch a spectacular sunrise at Sprague Lake.
Hotels run from a range of $120 a night to $400 a night, hence you can find a place to stay that suits your budget. However, a couple looking to spend a week at the Rocky Mountain National Park could easily find a comfortable place to stay and enjoy your visit on a budget of around $2,000. 
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7) Key West, Florida

Though Proper Key West is not very affordable, Marathon Key which is 48 miles from Proper Key offers a great gateway for couples. There are some picture-perfect beaches that are great for long walks with your loved one and some amazing cuisine to experience during your visit to Key West. With plenty of romantic excursions for couples, it is a great pick if you are looking to explore and discover new areas. 
The drive to Marathon Key is beautiful, the island has some hidden romantic spots. The surreal beauty of the island will leave you smiling, enjoying every moment of time spent with your partner. There are also some amazing campgrounds if you are after camping opportunities. 
You can catch the Sunset Celebration where street performers gather in Mallory Square to create the magic of the night while you bask in a beautiful sunset. You could rent bikes and wander the beautiful streets and spectacular gardens of the old towns of Key West. There is an iconic lighthouse in Key West, which makes for some fabulous views and pictures. Not to mentions couple’s snorkelling exploring the rich marine life and colourful corals at Key West.  
You can find a comfortable, romantic hotel in Key West for about $250 a night. Hence on a budget of around $2,500, a couple could enjoy a relaxing gateway in the reminiscent lanes of Key West in Florida. 

8) Puerto Rico

With a great climate any time of the year, Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for nature lovers who are looking for a romantic escape unparalleled. There is a great mix of beautiful and dreamy beaches, wild jungles, amazing waterfalls, historical Spanish forts and some mouth-watering seafood, all catered for by Puerto Rico.
Though you do have to fly to Puerto Rico, the accommodation and food is rather affordable, which is why it has made this list of couple’s gateways in the US. There are some exciting rainforest walks that you can partake in and dip in some pristine waterfalls, all of which will reignite the sense of adventure in both you and your partner. 
You could go on an amazing nature walk, or challenge yourself on a couple’s hike through the rainforest, go horseback riding or witness the amazing panoramic views from the top of Mount Britton. You can have some lovely strolls down the beach with your loved one, or simply sip your favourite cocktail as you gaze into the sun setting in the distance. 
You should be able to find an affordable place to stay that offers some great perks and comfortable rooms. At roughly $150 a night, you should be able to find a nice place to stay. This means, when travelling to Puerto Rico, a couple should budget about $2,500 for a week’s stay. Trust me when I say this, with everything Puerto Rico has to offer, the money will be well spent. 
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9) Asheville, North Carolina

If you both are looking to simply step away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, then Ashville could be the right destination for you. There are various things to keep you both distracted in Asheville. From excursions on the Blue Ridge Parkway to some amazing dining opportunities, Asheville offers a great mix of culture and sights, which would appeal to any couple. 
You can explore some amazing waterfalls, go hiking through the woods or simply enjoy the vibrant music scene. There are some old breweries that would be a great place to visit, explore and unwind. Baltimore winery offers a great chance to go wine tasting, while adventurous couples can go on waterfall hikes in Western North Carolina. If you prefer a relaxing massage after a long hike, you can enjoy a nice couple’s massage at Baltimore village. 
If you do visit Asheville, it is worth making a point to drive down to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; the nature and wildlife is beautiful. 
You can find a nice place to stay with as little as $180 a night. Hence a couple looking for a week’s gateway in Ashville, Carolina should budget about $2,200. This isn’t all that expensive when you consider everything you would be experiencing on your gateway. 

10) San Diego, California

Considered one of the most romantic gateways in California, San Diego offers a great mix of culture and fun in the sun. If you are after some stunning beaches and amazing cuisine, then San Diego will surely treat your senses. The locals are friendly and the weather is usually sunny, which makes it great for strolling and exploring the city. There are some great museums you can visit. In fact, you could even stroll down the old town of San Diego with your loved one. 
There are some fabulous restaurants you can dine at and excellent vineyards where you can go wine tasting. You could even picnic at these vineyards, making for a romantic treat for the both of you. If you prefer sitting by the beach, relaxing with a cocktail in hand, then that is what the two of you shall have; a relaxing time at the beach, cocktail in hand. 
Though the city may be expensive, there are plenty of free things to do, and you can explore some of the amazing beaches completely free of cost. If you both like surfing, there are some great surf spots in San Diego. If you both prefer more of an adventure, you could go hiking through the nature parks, or even skydiving or hang gliding. 
With the average picture for a nice hotel in San Diego at around $200, a couple could see themselves having a great gateway in the city on a budget of around $2,200. 
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11) Charlevoix, Michigan

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in a charming inn between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix, watching the sunset on the horizon in the most breathtaking shades of yellow, orange and red, then Charlevoix should be the pick for you. 
There are some amazing landmarks that you can visit, like the rare Mushroom House or the spectacular Castle Farms. The beaches are very nice in Charlevoix and you could find yourself relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun. If you are looking for a slow pace gateway and some interesting sights to see, then Charlevoix has some great things to offer you. You can explore some of the local art galleries or even have a chance at a glance at bird watching at Fisherman’s Island State Park. There is a great mix of both nature and culture which makes it rather appealing for many couples. You will find the locals warm and welcoming, with a pleasant smile on their faces. 
The accommodation is rather affordable in Charlevoix, with an average cost of $140 for a good room in a nice hotel or inn. On this budget, a couple could be looking to spend anything around $1,800 for a week’s gateway in Charlevoix, Michigan. 

12) South Parde Island

This Texas gateway has some amazing nightlife and the fact that it is so close to Mexico leaves room for you to extend your trip. You can also experience some amazing wildlife, and if this is what you are after, then you know South Parde will provide a memorable experience. 
You can visit the South Parde Island Birding and Nature Centre, which beams with wildlife from the region. You can even catch sea turtles swimming in the nearby waters. The Laguna Madre nature trail is perfect if the two of you are looking to reconnect with nature. It will provide you with the opportunity to spend some quality time with each other, nestled in the goodness of nature. The beach offers a great place to relax, and there is even the chance to go skydiving for the adventurous couple who is seeking a bit of a thrill. You can watch dolphins, go paragliding or enjoy a couple’s massage at one of the many massage parlours in South Parde Island. There are plenty of water sports that you can partake in, making this destination one of the more activity packed locations for your gateway. 
A hotel room in South Parde Island will cost you less than $100 a night. This makes it one of the more affordable destinations on this list. A couple could see themselves having a good time on a budget of around $1,500 for the week. 
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13) Traverse City, Michigan

With tourism on the up in the Mitten State, Traverse City offers some beautiful sunny beaches and bountiful forests making for some iconic and scenic views of nature. If you do consider this gateway, you should make it a point to travel during the summertime to catch the Cherry Festival, which is a full week of romantic fun. 
There are some great wine and beer tours and soothing tours around the city. If you prefer taking a grander look through history, you could take a tour of The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. The Mission Point Lighthouse is another perk, which makes for some beautiful pictures and of course lovely memories. There is plenty to do and see on your gateway to Traverse City, with a great mix of nature and history. 
You can find a nice room in a good hotel or bed and breakfast for as little as $130 a night, making this a more affordable destination on our list. On average, a couple could look to spend anything around $1,500 for a week’s gateway in Traverse City. 

14) Napa Valley

The beautiful hills of Napa Valley have to be included in this list. Considered one of the more popular destinations for couples in the US, wine tasting is especially famous in Napa Valley. You will enjoy a peaceful gateway in wine country and bask in the perks of spoiling yourself to a relaxing break, away from the everyday chores of life. 
You could have evening candlelit dinners, or relax in a sensuous couple’s massage and savour dessert served with some fine wine. If your hotel has a pool, you could go for a relaxing dip and enjoy the smaller things in life such as uninterrupted sleep. If you are looking for a relaxing break from the ordinary and not do much but pamper yourself, then Napa Valley is the right destination for you. We believe this is why it is so popular amongst coupled. You could even take a hot air balloon flight and embrace each other’s presence as you cruise through the sky marvelling at some spectacular views of the wine country. 
A nice hotel with a pool costs around $200 a night. You could see yourself spending anything between $2,200 to $3,200 based on what you choose to do with your time in Napa Valley. Whatever it is that you chose to do, we assure you, you will have a pleasant and relaxing time.
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15) Telluride

If you love being active, then this is the location for you. It is perfect for that sporty couple looking to go skiing. The slopes in Telluride are some of the world’s best and you will find a comfortable cabin to spend your nights in. 
There is a great selection of restaurants to dine at. If you are looking for a reasonably priced meal away from the norms of a normal restaurant, you could try La Marmotte, a romantic 125-year-old former icehouse. You could take a nice dip in a hot spring or get cosy on a Gondola ride. Sipping wine with a spectacular view, you can explore the outdoors, taking a whole day to go snowshoeing or backcountry skiing. Once back from your outdoor activity, you could indulge in a spa treatment, which will relax you to ultimate levels of relaxation. There is also some amazing Telluride art which you can appreciate during your gateways. All in all, Telluride offers a great mix of art, scenery, fine dining and outdoor activities to keep you well entertained during your gateway. 
You can find a nice cabin to stay at for anything around $350 a night. This means that for a couple to spend a gateway in Telluride you should budget anything around $3,500.
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Romantic Gateways that won’t Disappoint

Our list of the 15 best affordable romantic gateways in the US for couples will not disappoint you. Whether you are after art, culture, music, nature, wildlife, beaches, cityscapes, dining, wining, relaxing or simply reconnecting, we assure you that if you pick one of the destinations on this list, you and your partner will have a brilliant time. Not only that, you will come back with a stronger bond, a heart full of memories and a handful of stories to share with the family. 
We made it a point to provide you with the best most affordable destinations that you can consider for a couple’s gateway in the US. Though some require you to fly to the destination, most of them are accessible by road. Finding the right gateway for you can be worth all the research that you put into it; after all, you don’t always get to spend all that quality time with each other. Hence when you find the time, you have to find the right gateway which will not disappoint either of you. 
We hope that you found this list of the best affordable romantic gateways useful and that you managed to find what you were looking for. We hope that you at least have a good starting point or a few destinations that you’ve picked out from the list that sounds rather appealing to you. After having read this word to word, if you have come to the realisation that yes, we are definitely going to take that couple’s gateway we had in mind, then we have done our task. We wish you well on your travels and hope you find the best gateway to not only reconnect with your partner but have an amazing time. 
Happy Travels!

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