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Does Weight Lifting Get Easier: Questions About Lifting Weights for Beginners

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Weight lifting does get easier as the strength of your muscles increases over time. The repetitive action of weightlifting causes your muscles to tear, which is why there is so much pain involved with lifting weights. However, as your muscles heal, they repair stronger ensuring that your new muscles are capable of carrying or lifting that same weight. The effort required to lift that same weight becomes significantly lower. 


There is a reason why stronger people can carry small weights with ease. This is because they have trained themselves to the point of carrying such heavy loads, that the smaller weight that they carry seems effortless. Think about it, how easy is it for that huge guy in your gym to move the 10 kg dumbbells? While you have a hard time doing ten repetitions of bicep curls using the 10 kg dumbbells, the bigger guys in the gym would pass them around like cotton candy. This is because, the stronger you are, the less effort is necessary to move smaller weights. I’m sure the previous sentence is obvious to you, however, it was one that had to be stated prior to understanding as to when weight lifting gets easier. 


To answer the question as simply as possible, it is a matter of strength. Weight lifting doesn’t necessarily get easier per se, in actuality what happens is, you get stronger. That being the case, the ease of weight lifting comes with the programme that you are following. For instance, even if you use light weights for various sets during a workout, the last few sets could feel like climbing a mountain. This is obviously true, the muscles in the part of your body that you’re working out are torn during the process of lifting weight, which makes moving these muscles painful. Doing that last set under these conditions becomes one of the hardest things to complete and we relate when we say this, regardless of whether you are an experienced weight lifter or a complete beginner on the 5 kg weights; the last set is always the hardest. 


Weight lifting definitely gets easier over time, the more seasoned you become to lifting weights, the easier it will become for you to endure the pain that comes with lifting weights. There is a mental element to the fact that pain is part of the experience of lifting weight. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, you will experience pain; there is no way around this. Pain is part of the game when you consider lifting weight, ‘no pain no gain;’ most weight lifters would acknowledge this as truth. 


To better understand how weight lifting gets easier, we must first try to understand what happens to your body when you lift weights. What is the science behind lifting weights? What are the changes that happen in your body during the exercise of lifting weights?


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What Happens to Your Body When You Lift Weights?


When you start lifting weights, on the very first day, you would probably notice that your body is feeling fine and dandy and that there is no pain whatsoever. Come next morning, you are in absolute agony, almost breaking at the scene, not being able to move, especially the body parts that you worked out. If you did bicep curls, you’ll notice that you can barely bend your arms or lift that morning cup of coffee. This is all part of the charm that comes with lifting weights. Don’t worry, as mentioned prior, this gets better over time; you start experiencing less pain and the whole process of lifting weights becomes easier. 


So why is it that you experience all the pain the day after? This is because when you lift weights, as mentioned prior you as in essence breaking down muscles. The act of lifting weights causes tears in your muscle fibres. These tears are less painful during the act of weight lifting itself. During the act of weight lifting, you suffer from mental and physical exhaustion which adds to make the process harder. Though you experience pain during the act of lifting weights, that pain is short-lived and is caused by muscle fatigue and the build-up of lactic acid which is produced in your muscles. It is the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles that cause the temporary pain and discomfort which usually accompanies a workout. 


However, the pain experienced after rest is rather different to the discomfort experienced during the act of lifting weights. This is because as you rest, your muscles start to heal and fuse back together. The muscles that were torn during the workout start to repair themselves. The repairing action causes the size and number of muscle cells in your body to increase, which is where you start seeing results. With the number and size of muscle cells increasing over time, it isn’t surprising that the act of weight lifting starts becoming easier over time. This process of muscle multiplication is called muscle hypertrophy and is responsible for the increased strength and size of muscles. Keep at it and soon you will start looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then you’ll probably ask yourself this question, does Arnold Schwarzenegger find lifting weights hard? Though he obviously does or did push himself to limits, putting on more weight and increasing sets and repetitions to build more muscles; considering his size and strength, obviously lifting that 5 kg dumbbell would be a piece of cake for him.  


When you consider weight training, it is important to keep weight lifting form in mind. Your posture is very important. This is because, if you don’t hold the right posture during lifting weights, you could end up doing some real harm to your body. By that, we mean, disproportionally sized muscles, back pain, joint pain and more serious muscle tear, all elements that come with bad weight lifting form. Hence it is important that regardless of how heavy of a weight you lift, that you maintain the right form to prevent any unnecessary harms from befalling on yourself.


In the long term, when you lift weights for a long period of time, obviously you start getting stronger and bigger. In fact, you should notice changes to your body within the first month. Your muscles will start to appear bigger and you will start to notice more defined lines of your muscles on your skin. You will also notice that you may have also lost a bit of fat, which again depends on the type of workout routine you are on. 


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Why is Lifting Weights Hard?


Regardless of whether you are lifting 5 kg dumbbells or squatting 100 kg, weight lifting is hard work. This is because when you consider weight lifting, you only see results when you exert the force necessary to see the results. Depending on whether you are shredding muscles or adding bulk, you would either have to lift a small weight for a huge number of repetitions, or an enormous weight for fewer repetitions. Regardless of which strategy you adopt depending on the results you seek to see, the process of lifting weights is not easy. 
When shredding, as with other exercises, repetition is key. This is true if you are looking to bulk up. In fact, bulking up is harder than shredding, because the amount of weight that you use will be significantly higher. 
The reason why lifting weights is hard is due to one reason and one reason alone. When you tear your muscles and they heal and they get bigger, it automatically becomes easier for you to lift that exact same weight. However, lifting that exact same weight isn’t going to tear your muscles any more, because your muscles have gotten accustomed to the weight. Hence, in order to see more results, you would have to increase the size of the weight or increase the number of repetitions during the workout. This is why weight lifting is so hard. You always have to keep adding more weight to the equation to see more results. 
To top it off, as mentioned prior, weight lifting form is very important. Some people find it hard to hold form while lifting weight, which only can be attained through developing good weight lifting habits. Breaking form is going to lead to you developing bad habits, hence it is important to be aware of this. This in combination with the task of lifting weights which is actively tearing your muscles is why weight lifting is so hard. 
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What Happens if You Lift Weights Every Day?


If you lift weights every day and only target the exact same muscle group each and every day, you may start doing more harm than good. This is because your muscles need time to heal, which is why weight lifters usually alternate muscle groups between each day. That way, not only do you lift weights every day, you target a different part of the body each day, thereby giving the other part of your body which you worked on the previous day, sufficient time to rest and heal. 


Healing time is very important in weight lifting and is almost as important as the act of lifting weight itself. If you tear muscles and don’t let them heal, you tend to overwork the muscles which can lead to more permanent muscle damage. 


However, if you do make a practice of lifting weights every day, you are more likely to see results than say lifting weights once a week. You would see results much faster, and so long as your muscle groups are divided into alternate days, you stand to gain the most from your workouts. 


When you lift weights every day, you start to train your body to expect the pain involved. This in essence makes weight lifting easier for you. If you lift weights one day and go off on a break for a week and come back again, then you are practically starting all over again; you would have to go through the pain all over again, making weight lifting harder than it has to be. Hence if you make a practice out of lifting weights every day, in essence, it will make weight lifting easier for you. 


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How Long Until Working Out Gets Easier?


The effort exerted during the first week is usually the greatest. When you are starting off, usually the first week will be a lot of work. However, with time, working out will become easier; which usually means after the first week.


The speed at which the workout starts getting easier depends on two things. Firstly,  the type of workout programme that you are on; and secondly, how motivated you are to keep going. The motivation level and the enjoyability of the workout is for certain a mental element as to what you experience as easy. If you are focused and are looking for results, though the first week will be hard, the second week will be easier and the third week easier and so on. However, if you aren’t motivated to stick to the exercise programme, then it never becomes easier and you always make a chore out of working out. 


What is important when you consider this question is, thinking about whether you enjoy the workout. The more you enjoy the workout and the journey that you are on, the easier the workout will get overtime. Though you would be physically exerting yourself, exhausting yourself and pushing yourself to the limits during your workouts, if you are motivated, you will find it easier to push yourself to these extremes.


Hence when you consider how long it takes until workouts get easier, you have to take the mental element into the equation. It’s only hard if you make it hard for yourself. 


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How Long Does it Take to See Results From Lifting Weights?


You should start noticing slight results from your workout after the first four weeks; however, this depends on the amount of training that you do and how intensive your workouts are. Given 8 to 12 weeks, you should start noticing much greater results by way of improved strength and muscle size and definition. 
This is probably everyone’s favourite part of lifting weights; when you start noticing results on your body, whether it is bigger muscles, better definition or overall increased strength. The results come with time and usually takes a few months before you start seeing big results. However, from as little as two weeks, you could notice a slight definition in your muscles and improved muscle strength.
When it comes to the size of your muscles, it usually takes at least four weeks for your body to start reacting to produce noticeable results. Hence when it comes to weight lifting there is an element of dedication, which is integral in seeing the results on your journey. The more dedicated you are, the more likely you are to stick to your workout routines and exert yourself to your limits during your workouts; thereby producing better and faster results. 
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Why Do People Stop Weight Lifting?


For some people, weight lifting just becomes too difficult. By that we mean, they get tired of lifting weight on countless repetitions. It simply is too hard for them and thus ends up giving up on weight lifting. Some find the healing process too painful or find it interfering with their daily lives. For instance, not being able to move your arms at work will make it very difficult to get your work done. This could lead people to generally stop working out. They simply can’t handle the pain that comes with weight lifting and much rather stick to cardio or yoga. Others find it difficult to find time to workout.
On rare occasion, people injure themselves during workout sessions, which makes it impossible for them to lift weights. When something like this occurs, individuals would have to take weeks and months of rest which may end up turning them away from weight lifting altogether. Others who do find themselves injured do come back to weight lifting, but as mentioned, some people stop.
However, the most considered reason as to why people stop weight lifting is due to the fact that they simply find it too painful. Either they lack the motivation or the dedication to see results, or have noticed some results and are not looking to proceed any further. That being the case, when you stop weight lifting, the results that you may have noticed may begin to start fading if you don’t look after your diet. 
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Does Weight Lifting Get Easier?


As mentioned prior, weight lifting does get easier with time. It is a matter of having the patience, motivation and dedication that is required to see results that can be gained from lifting weights. If you have the motivation to stick to it and not give up, then you are sure to notice results. Not just that, you would find the process rather enjoyable; many people loving the time that they spend in the gym.
We have looked to answer some of the questions that most beginners have when they consider starting weight lifting. The questions that you have in this stage of your journey is normal, however, if you are finding weight lifting hard, you should look for greater motivation to dedicate yourself or join a programme that is sure to show you results. 
If you are just starting off and are looking for a reliable weight lifting programme to join, we do recommend the Custom PED Programme which has been showcased and trusted by National Geography, Muscle and Fitness and various other networks. They have some exceptional testimonials from people who have seen real results. If you would like to learn more about this weight lifting programme, follow this link to their website. 
We hope that we covered the various questions that you may have as a beginner and have provided you with some motivation to help you along your way. Don’t worry, get started, get motivated and it becomes easier with time. Lifting weights can be a great way to stay healthy and the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. You would be able to enjoy eating more food, for your body will be trained to actually burn everything you eat and use it all up for your humongous muscles. 
We hope reading this word to word has provided you the beginner with some clarity on weight lifting and that it has enriched your life in some way. We write to help you make informed decisions that can better your quality of life.  

Happy Lifting!

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