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How to Clear Your Mind – 10 Steps to Eternal Happiness

Overthinking can be an attribute of negative and positive thinking. If your mind is filled with beautiful things, then obviously to state, you will find yourself in a state of eternal happiness. Overthinking, a stressed and cluttered mind often leaves very little room for happiness and success.


The only thing, that is stopping you from achieving the things that you want in life is your mind. If your mind is cluttered and you have trouble prioritising what is important in life, then obvious to state, both happiness and success will be short-lived.


Take the example of a desk in which someone works in. Now, if this desk is cluttered and messy, does it provide as a good working space? Some people work better with a cluttered workspace, however, that isn’t why you are here.


You are here because you really want to declutter and clean that desk; your mind. You may be having troubling thoughts or would actually like a factory reset on your mind, to give your brain the reboot it needs to process the situation in a better light. 


If you need to clear your mind, follow these steps one by one. 



1. Find that Magic Phrase

In many situations, it is our emotions that are running the wires in our minds. Based on what we are feeling emotionally, our minds will resultantly produce output. Hence, for success and happiness, your mind has to be strong. It should be resilient to various traits such as anger and sadness. A weak mind can often not sit still on a single idea at a time. Or maybe, you are weak because something is bothering you emotionally, which is why you are looking for a way to clear your mind. 


Much like in the movie ‘Anger Management,’ what you need is a phrase that you can repeat over and over again which will resultantly help you get a grasp on the situation.


This magic word or phrase or even sentence or prayer can be your way to reset your mind. It can be anything; something that has significance in your life. 


Phrases can be anything, like ‘Peace on Earth’ or ‘Om’ or ‘Clarity of Mind’


The last phrase is the one I usually go with. The phrase clarity of mind, hits the ball right on the spot. You need to clear your mind right, hence, ‘clarity of mind.’


With this phrase in hand, we move to the second step on the list of things to a clear mind. 


2. Find the Space

Now you need a place in which you can do this. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can do this anywhere, on the bus, at a party, in front of a crowd of people, wherever. However, you need to be comfortable in the space that you are in. 


If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you should use this step to walk out of that space, or find a space in which you would be more comfortable. 


As a teaser, one of the later steps is meditation. At the end of the day, if you are looking to clear your mind, nothing works better than meditation. 


Hence, if you are serious about maintaining a strong mind that is not distracted and can be cleared at will, then by all means, learn to meditate. 


This is why the space is the most important thing. Regardless of the fact that you can clear your mind on the go using these steps, as an added bonus, I recommend that you find a space in your house or place of living, where you can set the atmosphere for a beautiful meditative session. 


You could use incense sticks, some soothing music and dim lighting to create an ambient atmosphere which will soothe the senses. 


If you are on the go and are away from your ideal place of meditation, just adapt into the environment and find the best place for the job. 


Hey, some people lock themselves up in the bathroom, while others take a walk in the park. 


3. Close Your Eyes

Once you are in a space that is workable by your standards, get to it. Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift. 


Just take a second after closing your eyes to wonder on all the things that are cluttering your mind. Try understand the gravity of the situation that you are in and plan a way forward. 


However, don’t spend too long planning, because, what you are here to do is clear your mind, not overthink and further clutter it. 


4. Let Your Mind Concentrate

If you are fixating on a problem, tell yourself things will workout as they should and always do. This will give you the ability to allow your mind to drift and expand. 


Look into what makes you happy. Think about the things that make you happy in life. Even something small, like getting an ice cream, or going to the beach. Fill your mind with a beautiful thought that you can achieve in the near future. 


This will give you the opportunity to fixate your mind to a remedial happy task, which is undoubtedly possible to bring into fruition in the future. 


No, I am not asking you to wish for things or plan an unaffordable vacation. I am asking you to dream and ponder on the things that you can achieve in life, no matter, how small that achievement might be.


Just picture yourself doing something that makes you happy. 


5. Focus on Your Breathing

Now start to focus on your breathing as you inhale in and out. Focus hard on the breath that is inhaled and let your mind focus on the exhale of the breath too. 


As you concentrate on your breathing for the first time within the session, you are starting to slip into a meditative state of mind. 

Simply focus on your breathing and continue to focus on your breathing as you start taking deeper and longer breaths. 


6. Say the Phrase

It is time now to bring that magic phrase back into the equation. Say the word, whisper it if you are in public, or if possible, just say it to yourself. 


When you get more advanced as a meditator, you will be able to bring the words to your mind. This is actually what we are trying to achieve. Let the words resonate within you as you recall the magic phrase. 



Fixate now on the phrase, as you focus on your breathing. 


Notice how, by now, we have quietened your mind, trained it to focus on your breathing and have lastly concentrated the mind’s energy into one single idea and that idea is ‘CLARITY OF MIND.’


If your phrase is otherwise for example, ‘flowers on a sidewalk,’ then envision flowers on a sidewalk. Regardless of what your phrase is, focus your mind’s energy on this one single idea. 


This will allow your cluttered mind to focus on one thing. This focus over time will bring about gradual decluttering of the mind. 


It is a slow process and often takes time, based on what it is that is on your mind. 

7. Focus and Repeat the Phrase

Now focus further and repeat the phrase again and again if you require. Don’t worry, you can say it out loud. You can scream it at the top of your voice if you would like. Like overlooking a cliff or something, or even at the seashore. 


Just focus on the phrase, allow your mind to expand on the phrase and think about the phrase. Envision the phrase within your mind and allow the phrase to envelop your thinking. 


This is a great divergent technique, which could work based on the situation and the readiness of the mind to accept change. How does your mind adapt to change?


In order to understand this and improve on the ability of the technique and this 10-step programme, you have to consider Step 8, Meditate – Meditation.


8. Meditate – Meditation

Now that you are repeating the words and focusing on your breathing, you are in a meditative state.


Meditation is an ancient art form, which involves relaxing the mind and allowing the mind to expand. What you have learnt from reading this article is the art of meditation. 


Now that your mind is in a meditative state, you are ready to allow all ideas in your mind to drift away and are very close to attaining the end result of a clear mind. 


9. Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes and allow the light to flow inside you. Allow yourself to stay in the present moment. Enjoy the present moment for the moments awake and allow your mind to rest for a second. 


It is important that you allow your mind to rest, before you press that factory reset button. 


Give yourself the necessary notice to know that you are about to let all of it go, along with the things that were bothering or cluttering you. 


Finally, once ready, proceed to step 10. 


10. Press the Button 

Finally, free your mind from the ideas that cluttered your mind.


Now, I don’t mean you design a mind-clearing app or some button that you actually click. If you really need to, just click your hand or your belly or your face or wherever. 


However, press the button in your mind to your mind and allow it to factory reset. It is as simple as a factory reset of the mind of a robot. 



Written by the mind of a human, I hope the steps illustrated provide as a good starting point to a life of meditation.  The more you meditate, the stronger your mind gets and the easier it will be for you to press the button to clear your mind and the more effective it will be.


Remember, it is good to let go of the things in the past. For the past is in the past, it is the present moment that dictates your future. 


Blessing and Love!

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