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Do Invisible Fences Work? The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs

Do Invisible Fences work? YES! They are an AWESOME way to keep your PET within a wirelessly confined space! 


No, there is NO need to build that UGLYTALLVIEW OBSTRUCTING fence or wall, just to ensure your PET stays within YOUR PROPERTY! (or safe zone.)


Why have we repeatedly said PET? Well, there is some confusion in the market with regard to who these invisible fences are for. Primarily, however, they are used for DOGS! Some systems are compatible to work on CATS! – I’m sorry, but those are the only pets we speak of in this article. 


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs 



What Does an Invisible Fence Do?

An invisible fence is an electric system, which is designed to correct your pet’s behavior if they leave a designated and pre-determined safe zone


A safe zone can be any place, be it your backyard, the park, or even the farm. They can cover huge areas of land and various systems use various corrective techniques to keep your pooch within the said safe zone. 


Some use electric shock (OUCH), while others rely on TONE-CORRECTION! (Tone correction being the obvious more humane means of training your dog.)


Remember, when your dog leaves that designated same, it WILL get SHOCKED in other words, ELECTROCUTED, ughh… it’s adjustable… and humane? As popular consensus would call it ‘static correction.


Regardless, the tone and noise are intended to teach your pooch that 

‘they should not go running around where I can’t keep an eye on you… who’s a good boy… yes you are… yes you are a good boy…’


If on the other hand, you have a mean PITBULL or a GUARD DOG, you would just piss it off more using the so-called ‘static correction.‘ NO really, you can use the static correction, just on a lower setting. These things are actually quite marvelous, they send tiny electric charges, much like tiny stings, and can obviously be ADJUSTED to pretty nerve-wracking LEVELS. (Adjustable correction levels: as advertised by many such products in the market.)


Regardless, the PET is corrected and yady yady yaa, the pet returns to the safe zone and knows that if it wanders too far in the OPEN SPACE, it will get ahem  get ‘corrected.’


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs 


This brings me to…

Is Static Correction Humane?

Of course, it’s humane, we are human and it is used on an animal. (ANIMAL CRUELTY at its finest!)


No really, they are HUMANE… you can adjust the levels of correction based on preference and NEED.


Some dogs can be really stubborn or even too playful. They may NEVER learn to not chase the squirrel and get hit by a BUS!)


The static correction is intended to be used in training. These systems usually come with training material included and are intended to train your dog in a confined yet open space. Once they are trained to the system, they usually even stay within the defined space (such as the backyard…) without the collar…


PETS are tough business and I only ever had a PET tortoise named TIDO, but if you too are sensitive to static as I (Oh… I eat MEAT…), I would just stick to the tone-only mode on these Invisible Fence Systems. 


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs 


How Does an Invisible Fence Work?

Invisible fence systems all use some form of a collar, which is connected via either Wi-FiGPSBLUETOOTH, or RADIO to a transmitter or central point of control (As we call, the CPC… now remember this.)


Now the CPC will define the boundary radius. More advanced systems use a mobile app, which increases the mobility of the CPC. In other words, you aren’t centralized to a specific position. 


Think of it this way, your dog is tied to a tree. The Tree is the CPC. Your dog’s FREEDOM is limited by the CPC.


These newer models actually are great. Forget correction and CPC, try using GPS to map your pet’s global position to an accuracy of 10 feet! (Pretty amazing right? NEVER have to lose a PET!) Just glance at your phone and know where your PET is at ALL TIMES.


This is why people call static correction humane… you don’t want your dog to stray and fall prey to wild humans who could EAT THEM! (humans or animals… or a BUS could HIT HIM **sad face… crying emoji**


This is what will convince you to BUY one of these fences… or that amazing view of the road unobstructed. 


But what about those who have HUGE acres of land and just want to keep their pets within those ACRES… well the INVISIBLE FENCE SYSTEM is for YOU then!


So, did you understand how this invisible fence works… forget CPC… often you either bury a wire or place a transmitter that will cast a circular dome (adjustable radius), or use a mobile app to define geofences.


They all work to confine your PET to a particular space. It’s otherwise known as a WIRELESS PET CONTAINMENT SYSTEM.


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs 


Why Buy an Invisible Fence

Well if are looking for a way to keep your PET within a confined open space, then you NEED an invisible fence. 


Otherwise, you would just have to go and build that AWFUL fence. You love the open space as much as your dog, so maybe think twice about building that AWFUL fence. 


Sure, it uses static correction, but that’s humane right? PLUS, your dog’s safety should be YOUR number 1 concern. SERIOUSLY… it COULD GET HIT BY A BUS! OR STARVE TO DEATH!


Some of the newer collars, (I won’t name names or make recommendations), will provide you with up to 15 LEVELS of static correction. So use whichever correction you think is fine… ‘IT IS OKAY TO PINCH A DOG, IF THE PINCH IS FOR ITS OWN GOOD!


Though older models in the market don’t have some of the more AMAZING features as the newer ones, they all serve the purpose of keeping your dog within a confined yet open space.


The concept is rather revolutionary and has been led by people like Dog Behaviorist Ceaser Millan. 


While some older models will require you to bury a wire, newer models use GPS and Wi-Fi to complete the task.


Really, there is no comparison to some of the newer models in the market, hence DO YOUR RESEARCH!  


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs 


Is an Invisible Fence Worth the Money?

Coming in a range of prices, some obviously look and are CHEAP, while others are a lot more ADVANCED.


A more advanced invisible fence could easily set you back a $1000


While there are some amazing options within the $500 to $700 range, you will find both faulty systems and RELIABLE ones. 


As for cheaper systems often within a few hundred dollars, you MAY get a basic invisible fence, minus some of the PROS, such as DURABILITY.


You want to check for all the features the specific product offers and study the benefits of these features to understand which system will work best for your PET!


invisible fence, wireless fence, wireless dog fence, invisible fence for dogs

It’s a dog, it’s a cat… no it’s SUPER-DOG that can hop that fence!


Our Verdict

An invisible fence can be a GREAT way to ensure your pet’s well-being. It can safeguard your pet from a NIGHTMARE of a life as a stray! – You know, wet in the rain and starving tummies…


Even though you may consider ‘static’ to be harsh, it is for their own good. Over time, they will learn better to obey commands and will even stay within your boundary and NOT CHASE SQUIRRELS too far from home…


In other words, you will either BUILD that AWFUL FENCE… or go out there and do the research to find a recommendably AWESOME invisible fence!


Over and out!

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