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About Us

Well, when we say us, we refer to one for now. Hi, I’m Sithum, your writer, blogger and bringer of all things





I’m a law graduate and had been a hobby blogger for years, almost a decade and got inspired one day to start a useful blog that could cater to the needs of people. It was when I decided to start writing word to word to make this blog a reality. There are lots of passions within me, words of which will come to fruition on this blog. I’ve started this blog with health and fitness and with travel in mind. However, over time, I hope to expand the niches I write on and maybe even change this about page to include more people.


The aim of this blog is to offer you good value content that will help you with whatever it is that you are looking for help with. The aspiration is to stay insightful and helpful, changing the lives of readers one step at a time.

I am also an author… I HAVE 12 CHILDREN’S PICTURE books to launch and have published my first non-fiction title on Amazon – FREE THE RASTAFARI: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, THE GIFT OF LOVE. (click and you will be redirected to AMAZON!)

The blog is still in the early years and I hope to grow with time; adding more helpful content, one day at a time.


I do sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the contents of this blog and that we are able to help you with your various quests in life.


Recently having transformed the blog into a SHOP… feel free to check out and get your hands on




Wishing you all the best!